Environmental charter

As a responsible company, the AMBLARD company commits to efficiently reconciling economic performance and preservation of the environment. This daily commitment is expressed by innovative actions in terms of sustainable development which are the translation of a responsible, ambitious and innovative policy.

Certifications guarantee the products

The environmental policy driven and developed by the company is mainly structured around:

  • "Marine Aquarium Council" certification,
  • ISO 14001 certification.

These two certifications are acknowledgements of the environmental quality management that the company carries out all year round.

The facts of the environmental dynamic

The daily commitment of the company to respect the environment is expressed, among others, by:

  • an innovative method of coral culture : the patented method of coral culture put in place by the AMBLARD company helps to limit collection of corals from the natural environment and favours their reimplantation in damaged zones,
  • optimisation of the consumption of raw materials, notably for polystyrene boxes and plastic bags used for the conditioning and packaging of aquatic animals,
  • rigorous organisation of transport for teams so as to reduce CO2 emissions,
  • careful waste management,
  • optimisation of flow of transport : transport is a key activity of the company; to reduce the production of greenhouse gas as much as possible, the company set up its acclimatisation centre beside Charles de Gaulle airport so as to minimise transport times for live species from their countries of origin. Likewise, the transport of these species to clients is carried out in the shortest time possible,
  • reduction in tap water usage : so as to avoid wastage of town water, the acclimatisation centre uses natural seawater exclusively in its marine area.

The year 2009 will see the reinforcement of advances and steps initialised in previous years, firstly the continuation of deployment and follow-up of the environmental certification ISO 14001. The backbone of the AMBLARD company’s policy of sustainable development, this certification formalises the commitments of the company with regard to its collaborators, clients, partners and of course… the environment.
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Biodiversité pour l'aquarium poissons, invertébrés et plantes aquatiques d'eau douce et d'eau de mer.

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Substainable Development

En tant qu’entreprise responsable, la société AMBLARD s’engage à concilier efficacement performance économique et préservation de l’environnement.

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The AMBLARD company initialised a network of franchises of acclimatisation centres and « trans-shipping » platforms.

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